Hi, I'm Elisia, the owner and creator of Margo Bea!

Margo Bea is unique, elegant, and affordable handcrafted jewelry, specializing in personalized keepsakes. I named Margo Bea after my grandmother, who was my first and best teacher in creating, crafting, and making.

My introduction to creating keepsake jewelry began with a jar of volcanic ash from Mount St. Helens. I had kept the jar of ashes on a shelf for most of my life, and I wanted a new way to preserve and display them. So I began designing resin jewelry that was fashionable while also containing bit of history. I quickly fell in love with working with resin and knew there were other memories I could preserve within it. When I was pregnant with our fourth child, I began experimenting with ways to preserve breastmilk into jewelry. It took me over 6 months to figure out the process, many months more to perfect it, and I am continually improving it with each piece I make.

Having breastfed four children, I know how emotional the breastfeeding journey can be-- wonderful and exhausting, intimate and frustrating, full of love and full of pain. I wanted to be able to preserve these memories in a beautiful way, not only for myself, but for other mamas who have experienced the same trials and triumphs.  

I also know the pain of losing someone very close to you, so when I create pieces from cremation ash, I treat that process with the utmost humility and respect. Creating pieces to remember and honor your loved ones is a privilege I take very seriously.

Whether it's breastmilk, cremation ashes, hair, dried flowers, dried placenta, fabric, or some other inclusion, I look forward to creating one-of-a-kind personalized keepsake jewelry for you!

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